A Strange Society

What a strange society we live in: celebs and politicians going around criticising the likes of American film mogul Harvey Weinstein for his crude but perfectly natural instincts towards beautiful women, whilst at the same time accepting - indeed celebrating and condoning - acts of gross indecency between male homosexuals.

No decent chap would ever excuse the pestering of women by men, but the current hysteria around the alleged activities of Weinstein have grown out of all proportion, and have much more profound ramifications to wider society.

For the last 30 or more years the feminist movement (as with the race relations industry and the homosexual equality gang) has been powered by the idea of victimhood, where women are said to be at a permanent disadvantage as victims of 'the patriarchy'.

This idea is, of course, nonsense but it serves their destructive vendetta against men, at the same time as causing damage to the prospects of the majority of women, who are perfectly normal.

According to Kim Elsesser of the Center for the Study of Women (what a thought!) at the University of California, male bosses avoid being alone with women to prevent accusations of sexual harassment, resulting in women's career opportunities being limited as male executives are more likely to interact with other men in the office.

"My research found that men were nervous when they interact with women", said Elsesser. "They are afraid that friendliness will be misinterpreted. If they are going for drinks, it's easier to take a male colleague.

"We need to be re-educated on how to interact with the opposite sex in the workplace. Companies spend a lot of time telling people what not to do but it's important to teach how to socialise. It is discriminatory to exclude women from this aspect of worklife."

Political correctness creates confusion - that's what it's for, dear.

According to research by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, a third of women in Britain have been subjected to unwelcome jokes or sexual comments, 23 per cent have experienced unwanted touches, and 12 percent have endured sexual contact or attempts to kiss them at work.

Poor things - "unwelcome jokes", "unwanted touches", "attempts to kiss them at work" - they should be so lucky!

Young women are also missing out in academic circles. A professor at Warwick University said that male staff had received email instructions to keep their office doors open when meeting female colleagues.

What are they expecting when office doors are closed - a crusty old professor groping his female student?

I remember years ago, in my earlier days as a university lecturer, being told I could do anything without fear of getting the sack - even seduce the Head of Department's wife - except "make a pass" at a student!

If still employed in that capacity today, I would soon sort these snowflaky students out, simply by failing them in their exams - end of.

Philip Collins says in The Times ("Snowflake Students Must Learn How to Argue", 20 October 2017): "I have defended political correctness many times on the grounds that it is largely a matter of increased courtesy and respect. There is no glory in giving offence and any respectful speaker will try to avoid it, not least because nobody ever persuaded an audience by upsetting them."

Au contraire - some people need offending, to make them stronger, they require offending at least once a day. And as to political correctness "largely a matter of increased courtesy and respect", only a crazed lefty would think that (Collins was once Tony Blair's main speech writer).

Political correctness is Marxist revolutionary theory applied to destroying a cherished culture, and it is doing a very good job at it, using the useful idiots in the race relations, feminist and 'queer' movements.

Just look at the BBC - wimmin everywhere, women apparently in high ranking jobs invited on to chatter away, women reading the football results, drama programmes where women are raped or worse by terrible men. And to cap it all the daily dose of poisonous misandry (look it up) on Radio 4's Woman's Hour.

When will the men fight back?