UKIP Must Stand aside in the June General Election

So, there is to be a snap general election on June the 8th. Theresa May tells us she needs a larger majority in order to exert greater strength in our Brexit negotiations with the apparatchiks in Brussels, which leaves me in the unusual position of actually agreeing with a member of our ruling elite for a change!

But what will now happen to UKIP? Many impartial observers noted that a party set up with the sole intention of getting Britain out of the European Union would become obsolete if that aim was achieved. Well, it has been achieved and UKIP has yet to find another Unique Selling Point which could make the party relevant again.

Current leader Paul Nuttall [pictured] seems to think otherwise though. He recently tweeted the following: "Every vote for UKIP in this general election will be a reminder to the PM that the British people want a clean Brexit with restored borders."

Sorry Mr Nuttall, I don’t think many people will be voting for UKIP at all. And nor, for the sake of Britain, should you be asking them to. Your job is done. Your party managed - magnificently managed - to force the establishment into a referendum on Europe, but having won the referendum UKIP no longer has a reason to exist.

Prime Minister May wants as much power as possible in order to carry out what you want to be carried out. Thus, any vote for UKIP is a vote for weakening her negotiations with Brussels. This must be obvious, surely?

I appreciate the fact that you don’t want to become irrelevant, but please stand aside in this election in order that the government can accrue as much power as possible when it comes to putting one over the socialist tinpot dictators in Brussels.

If UKIP stands parliamentary candidates in June, you will be rightly accused of putting yourself and your party before the best interests of Brexit. Seriously, whose side are you now on? Yours and UKIP's, or of sovereign Britain? It is time to do the right thing Mr Nuttall, and the right thing for Britain, the right thing for UKIP, the right thing for our sovereignty, the right thing for Brexit, is to magnanimously stand aside.


Paul Weston is Chairman of Liberty GB.