VIDEO: Paul Weston on London Bridge and the Traitor Class

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I've just listened to Theresa May's statement about the Islamic terror attack in London, and it's a load of cowardly, disingenuous rubbish.

She claims she wants to take up the fight against an evil ideology, but the problem is that she won't name it for what it is, which is Islam.

Prime Minister May suggests the evil ideology is Islamism, and is a perversion of Islam and a perversion of the truth.

Well, that's rubbish, Mrs May. The only perversion of the truth is what you and the rest of the Traitor Class continually peddle.

Let's get one thing perfectly clear here: Islam is a violent supremacist political ideology established by the warlord Mohammed in the seventh century, which spread across the globe via violence and terror. And millions of its fanatical followers are now in our country.

I'm not going to talk today about this self-evident truth, nor why our Traitor Class are so keen on avoiding this self-evident truth. But what I will talk about is how we can deal with Islamic terror, and I mean deal with it, rather than doing what Theresa May is doing, which is pretending to deal with it.

One. We should stop all Muslim immigration today, completely.

Two. We should close down every mosque in this country which preaches Salafist or Deobandi Islamic supremacism - which means pretty much all of them.

Three. We should tell the truth about Islam, which means identifying all the calls for violence and terror in the Koran, and then ban the Koran as a book of hate.

Four. We should remove all funding from every public Muslim organisation in Britain.

Five. We should close down every Muslim charity organisation in Britain, many of which - and we don't know how many - are just fronts for terrorist fundraising.

Six. We should stop all further Saudi Arabian funding of Islam in Britain.

Seven. We should intern the thousands of Muslim terror suspects, immediately.

Eight. We should deport all Muslim criminals with dual passports.

Nine. We should close down all Sharia courts.

Ten. We should prosecute everyone who practices honour violence, honour killings and female genital mutilation, and deport the ones who have dual nationality.

Eleven. We should close down all aspects of Sharia finance and all Middle Eastern sovereign wealth funds, which massively influence our political and media class via the thousands of millions of pounds they bring into Britain. As with most things in life, if you want to know why our Traitor Class behaves as the Traitor Class, it's simply a matter of following the money.

If all of these suggestions were in place in the future and we still suffered from Islamic terror, then the only, and logical response, should then be to deport all Muslims.

Now, liberals would be upset about this, but I think asking Muslims to move to a Muslim country is infinitely more moral than asking the native British to put up with murder and terror on a daily basis, in perpetuity.

After the Manchester bombing Dominic Grieve, the politician in charge of our national security, told us there is nothing we can do to stop every terrorist act. Well, there is actually, Mr Grieve, it all depends on whether you are genuinely serious about halting Islamic terror today and total Islamic subjugation in the future.

It's a trade-off. It's whether or not you want to trade lots of dead Brits against being called a racist and asking Muslims to go back to Islamic countries. You have chosen dead British people rather than be called a racist and rather than deport the people who kill us.

That's your choice. That's why you're a member of the Traitor Class. That's why Theresa May is a member of the Traitor Class. That is why all you do is talk and have words. You need to start putting things into practice. There's no point talking about something that you won't even name as the problem.

We will name it, Liberty GB will name it. If you want to do something about this, then join Liberty GB, because unless you know of another credible party or another credible person who's actually going to stand up and can talk about these things - and one day put them into effect -, then you need to follow us, you need to support us.

So please do support us, because our Traitor Class are simply betraying us, and their words are just words, made all the [more] worse because they still, even now, cannot even name what the enemy is.

They cannot even - and this is so important -, after yet another terrorist attack, you'd think that one of them would stand up and say, look, is there something about Islam - not Islamism, about Islam - that is behind this terror? Is there something in the Koran that suggests or promotes this sort of behaviour?

Well, yes there is, and unless you're prepared to identify it, you're wasting everyone's time, and while you're doing that, everything is getting worse.

Which is why you're called the Traitor Class.