Wake Up and Smell the Hatred

Oh, Muslims know that Britain has a set of values. But what is not mentioned is that, being well aware of those values, they are taught to see them as so much dirty jahiliyya (pre-Islam Period of Ignorance), to be despised, subverted, attacked, destroyed and replaced by the sharia of Islam, as soon as possible, by any and all means that come to hand.

And although people may think that it is things like public drunkenness or a bit of promiscuity that comprise the 'British values' that Muslims dislike and reject, that's not the half of it.


Despising Christianity

Muslims are instructed in the mosques to hate traditional British values, to despise Christianity – St George, St David, St Andrew, the Earl of Shaftesbury, David Livingstone, William Wilberforce, Cardinal Newman, C. S. Lewis – and modern secular learning, as represented by the great British sceptics, scientists and philosophers.

We all need to wake up and realise what Islam instructs Muslims to hate.


Christianity is a "remnant cult"

It is unbelief (kufr) to hold that the remnant cults now bearing the names of formerly valid religions, such as 'Christianity' or 'Judaism', are acceptable ... .
Manual of Islamic Law, w4.1(2)

Only Islam is acceptable

If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah), never will it be accepted of him.
Koran 3:85, part of Islamic Law

As a Muslim, I must have hatred towards everything which is non-Islam.
Anjem Choudary, BBC Newsnight, 2006

Hate the Kuffar

There has already been for you an excellent pattern ... between us [Muslims] and you [Kuffar] animosity and hatred forever until you believe in Allah alone.
Koran 60:4
, part of Islamic law.

Rules for Christians, from The Pact of Umar

They are forbidden to build churches, or monasteries, in their cities or nearby areas. They are not allowed to renovate such buildings.

They must allow any Muslim to lodge in these buildings for three nights, and provide him with food. They must never shelter a spy, nor show any duplicity to Muslims. They are not to teach their children the Qur'an.

They must not display any sign of their unbelief, or forbid their relatives from converting freely to Islam. Furthermore, they must show reverence to Muslims, and give them pride of place at their assemblies.

They should avoid appearing like Muslims in their clothing, their head covers, their shoes, and the parting of their hair.

They must not speak the language of Muslims, nor use their names.

They are not allowed to use a saddle on a beast of burden, nor bear a sword, nor any other weapon. Their rings must not bear any Arabic inscriptions. They must refrain from selling wine. They must have the front of their hair cut, and wear their own kind of clothing all the time, and must use belts.

They are not to display a cross or any of their books, as they are passing Muslims on their way. Their dead must not be buried nearby a Muslim cemetery. They should not ring their bells in a loud manner; equally, they must not raise their voices while reading their Scriptures in their churches. They are forbidden to parade their palm branches (on Palm Sunday).


Hatred of church bells

Muslims are taught to hate church bells. The Ummah, the Mohammedan Mob, would silence every church bell in the UK, if they could. They are already using council noise regulations as a sort of proxy for the imposition of the dhimmi rule that Christians shall not ring church bells ... . The ringing of church bells by Christians in an Islamic state is forbidden by the Pact of Umar, the set of rules for filthy kuffar.


Silencing of church bells

Non-Muslim subjects are obliged to comply with Islamic rules ... they are forbidden ... to ring church bells or display crosses.
Manual of Islamic Law o11.5(6)

The silencing of church bells was insisted on by the Muslim Brotherhood in Upper Egypt during Morsi’s dictatorial Presidency. It is likewise a feature of the self-proclaimed 'Islamic State', which has already destroyed historic churches in Mosul (Nineveh) and elsewhere.


Hatred of dogs

Islam instructs hatred of pet dogs: Muslims would prevent people from keeping them, if they could. This has already criminally happened in Britain by their leaving pieces of poisoned meat around.


"Apparently, poisoning dogs in Spain isn't enough, now Muslims are attacking people walking their dogs"

"Eight dogs killed in Keighley 'poison' outbreak"

"Poison dog bait is found by police in Wrose"

"Islam versus Europe: Muslim Dog Poisoning Reaches Britain?"

"Muslims in Denmark stone Danish woman and her dog"

In the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Scotland each team was accompanied by a Scottish Terrier. Malaysian politicians and religious leaders afterwards objected that dogs had been used, as they are 'unclean' in Islam, and thus insulting. The Manual of Islamic Law (e14), says "Filth means ... dogs and pigs or their offspring."


Hatred of Western dress

Muslims are instructed to hate any un-Islamic dress on a woman, no matter how modestly dressed she is by our Western standards: "Any woman not wearing a headscarf is asking to be raped", is the message from the mullahs. They are fine with promiscuity ... so long as it is Mohammedan males 'grooming' and raping underage British non-Muslim girls and making them their sex-slaves, as Islam authorises.


Women's dress

... people not wearing the hijab properly ... you should hate it ...
Darul Uloom Islamic High School in Birmingham


Hatred of crosses

Muslims are taught to hate crosses, and would pull down and smash every cross the length and breadth of the UK, if they could. This has been happening in Egypt and Syria.


When Muslims in Libya desecrated Allied war graves by kicking and breaking down the headstones [top picture] they also went to some trouble to chip away at the tall memorial cross in the cemetery to destroy it. Footage on the internet shows Muslims tearing down the crosses on the roofs of churches which they are destroying, even as the buildings burn.


Hatred of music

Muslims are taught to hate music: they would, if they could, silence every musician and every singer and smash every musical instrument and disband every orchestra and band in the country. This sort of thing is normative Islam, not an aberration; rejection and condemnation of music of all kinds is right there in the Hadith in black and white.


Instrumental music is haram ('forbidden') in Islam. The Manual of Islamic Law (r40.1) says:
... musical instruments of all types are unlawful.
Allah Mighty and Majestic sent me as a guidance and mercy to believers and commanded me to do away with musical instruments, flutes, strings, crucifixes, and the affair of the pre-Islamic period of ignorance.

The Manual has a section, "Commanding the Right and Forbidding the Wrong". Under "Righting the wrong by hand" (q5.6) the example given is "breaking musical instruments", an action mercilessly carried out in Tunis by Salafi hard-liners, and in Afghanistan:
A party was going on when a group of Taliban grabbed five musicians and started beating them and smashing their musical instruments ... The musicians were tied up with rope to trees last night and villagers found them in the morning when going out for prayers.


Hatred of non-Islamic art and culture

There are Muslims in the UK who would happily burn to the ground the British Museum and the British Library and everything in them, and smash every statue in the entire country, and burn or tear to shreds every painting that represents a living being. And such Muslims, if they were to do it, would be enacting normative Islam, because the anathema upon sculpture and representational art is right there in the canonical texts of Islam and the mainstream of sharia law both past and present.


One of the first acts of Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Egypt under Mohamed Morsi was to burn down the Library of the Egyptian Scientific Institute in Cairo. Up to 200,000 rare books, representing non-Muslim teachings and knowledge, were destroyed by the blaze in December 2011. In Italy a Senegalese migrant destroyed a local library, while in Sweden a public library was trashed by Muslims.

In Nigeria the hard-line Muslim 'People Committed to the Prophet's Teachings for Propagation and Jihad' are better known by their nickname, Boko Haram, meaning 'Western Education is a Sin'.

Sculptures and paintings representing life are forbidden in Islam, hence the destruction by the Taliban of the ancient Bamiyan Buddha statue in Aghanistan. The Manual of Islamic Law has a section at w50.0, "The Prohibition of Depicting Animate Life".


We all need to wake up – to wake up and smell the hatred.


Edited by Michael Copeland. See also: "Islam Instructs Hatred: Muslims Speak". For other articles by this author search for Michael Copeland using the search box at top right.

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