"White Supremacist" Britain Gave Him a Cambridge Education

For proof that ethnic minorities sometimes get a free pass to Britain's top universities, look no further than Jason Osamede Okundaye (pictured above), head of the Black and Minority Ethnic Society at Cambridge University.

Since the black riots kicked off yesterday in Dalston, London Borough of Hackney, Mr Okundaye has praised the bros for an orgy of destruction that has endangered the lives of police and emergency personnel and terrorised local residents.

For white residents especially, the possibility of hundreds of chippy, violent youths switching their anger from law enforcers to civilians must be frightening indeed: the bottle-throwers and petrol bombers are only yards from their front doors.

But our Cambridge scholar is unconcerned by such contingencies, and has tweeted provocation to the rioters:

Not content with implicitly threatening white people, our literary genius goes on to condemn the "colonisation" of this area of London by white people, urging them go back to Exeter and "Solihurst" (wherever that is):

Though, like Mr Okundaye, we may experience Schadenfreude at middle class liberals' failure to civilise the area (a supposed model of 'diversity' and 'cohesion'), we should nevertheless educate him on the true trajectory of colonisation, as shown by the archival record.

Here's a photo of Queen Mary's visit to Hackney in 1915:

May 8th, 1945, and Hackney celebrates VE Day:

1955, a crowd of locals inspect a shop window display:

Vibrant diversity reaches Hackney in the 1970s:

Do I need to spell it out for you, Mr Okundaye?

Cambridge University has said it will investigate his comments. In a sane world, that investigation would lead to expulsion. Unfortunately academia is no longer a sane world, it is a madhouse, and in the academic madhouse blacks, homosexuals and especially black homosexuals like Jason Osamede Okundaye are demi-gods.

Britain - the centre of the "white supremacist" world he feigns to despise - has given Okundaye everything. It has showered this rabble-rousing offspring of Nigerian immigrants with life opportunities that most English youngsters can only dream of. And he has thrown it all back in our faces.

The question to be asked is: what do we, the native British, gain from having such people among us?