Who Do You Think You Are Mayor Khan?

London mayor Sadiq Khan doesn’t want President Trump awarded an official state visit. One assumes this is because mayor Khan hates the Donald with a vengeance, what with Trump resisting Islamic terror and all. But who the hell does this odious little Islamic upstart think he is? And who does he think he represents?

In Khan's own words, this is the problem with Donald J Trump: "State visits are different from a normal visit and at a time when the President of the USA has policies that many in our country disagree with, I am not sure it is appropriate for our government to roll out the red carpet.”

Khan is a thoroughly disingenuous little man. He knows full well that many people, perhaps even the majority, agree with many of Trump's policies even if they have little affection for the man himself. I think we can safely assume that the one policy our Muslim mayor particularly dislikes with regard to Trump is his travel ban against Muslims from seven Islamic countries at the forefront of jihadi export.

It is possible, I suppose, that the oily mayor might take umbrage at Trump’s policies vis-à-vis the removal of federal restrictions on energy production... or Trump's somewhat antediluvian attitude toward the fairer sex, but it would seem more likely that Khan's seething detestation of the Donald is based purely on the fact that Trump is taking a stand against Khan's fervent desire to bring about a global Islamic caliphate and the imposition of sharia law upon the infidels.

Our slippery London mayor took his oath of office on the Koran, not the Bible. His entire life has revolved around the protection of those who want to overthrow the Christian West. His links to Hizb ut-Tahrir, which works toward a global caliphate, are clear to all those who want to see. His ubiquitous proximity to genocidal Muslim extremists is clear to those who want to see. In short, this is a man who should be on the British government's extremist watch-list if the government were serious about our national security. Which of course it is not, because that might just be racist...

Oddly enough, six of the seven countries on Trump's travel ban have banned Israeli Jews from their Judenrein territories, which elicits no criticism at all from London's mendacious mayor, whose obvious hatred of Jews and admiration of Muslim terror groups who wish to liquidate them is chillingly evident in these videos linked one and two which I recommend everyone watches before Khan's Muslim thugs get them taken down. Again...

Here’s the thing Mayor Khan, you horrible little reptilian supremacist, President Trump's visit has nothing to do with you. Nothing to do with you at all. You hate him because he is a defender of the West, but you do not speak for us and you do not represent us. You are mayor of a city in which the native English are a minority. One day, you might represent an England where the English are a minority, but that day is not yet here.

Trump is visiting Britain, not multicultural and fallen London. He is visiting us, not you. We still exist even if you would rather we didn't, and we say this one thing to you loudly and clearly - you represent Islam, you represent a fallen city, but you don't represent us; you don't represent our country; you don't represent our culture or our traditions, and you never will. You are not us and we are not you. So be quiet mayor Khan, Britain has not yet submitted to your cruel and supremacist ideology. Be quiet.