Q & A

What does Liberty GB stand for?

We stand for freedom and for Great Britain, its people and culture. Hence 'Liberty GB'.

We stand also for Western civilisation, Christian values (but you don't have to be Christian), traditional morality, marriage and the family, Britain's beautiful countryside, the monarchy, patriotism and national pride, honesty and free speech, capitalism (to benefit Britain and the British), rationalism, animal welfare, meaningful lives over slavish materialism, national sovereignty, modernity (science and technology for the public good), history and tradition, national identity ... and putting British people first!

Who are the people running the party?

Party Leader Paul Weston is supported by an Executive Council, Party Officers and Local Party organisers. You can read about them here.

What are the main issues you campaign on?

National sovereignty (for), Immigration (against), British culture (for), militant Islam (against), British identity (for).

When was the party founded?

The party was founded at the beginning of 2013 and was officially launched by Paul Weston on 7th March.

Are you connected with the 'far Right'?

No. But if you need a descriptive label, 'radical patriotic conservative' suits quite well.

What are your ideology and policies?

See here and here, respectively.

What makes Liberty GB different from existing parties, especially UKIP?

No comparable party has delineated a clear vision of our current predicament as stemming from the multi-decennial dominance over the country of Cultural Marxist ideology. UKIP and the other parties fail spectacularly in addressing the threat posed to Britain by Islam and Islamisation. Additionally, Liberty GB takes a far tougher line on immigration, advocating a complete halt for at least 5 years (with no exceptions) and expulsion of all illegals.

Why should I join Liberty GB?

Joining a party like ours and helping to make it powerful is the only way to bring about the radical changes needed to pull Britain back from the abyss.

Will you be fielding candidates in upcoming elections?

Yes. Party Leader Paul Weston will be standing alongside other Liberty GB candidates in future national and European elections. The major push for us will be the 2020 General Election.

What is multiculturalism and why is it bad for Britain?

When large, self-segregated minority enclaves began to appear in British towns and cities as a result of mass immigration, governments tried to present this worrying development in a positive light, even inventing a delightful new name for it: 'multiculturalism'. However, history teaches us that full integration of newcomers into national life is the only way to a peaceful future. That's why multiculturalism is bad for Britain.

Doesn't Britain need young immigrants to build the economy and pay our pensions?

Following that logic we'll need still more immigrants to pay their pensions. There is no end to it.

Immigrants are here to do the jobs lazy British people don't want, aren't they?

There's been a lot of lazy talk about 'lazy Brits'. Maybe it helps unscrupulous employers to feel better about using cheap imported workers and treating them like dirt. No, given fair pay and conditions, the British worker is second to none.

What does 'net migration' mean?

That's the number coming in each year minus the number leaving. Some politicians advocate balancing these two figures to achieve so-called 'balanced migration'. The problem with that is that most of those leaving are skilled young Brits, and most coming in are uneducated third-worlders - which is bad news for our society and for our economy.

Why do you regard Islam as a threat?

Islam has a shockingly bad record for integrating into host communities. The typical pattern historically is for Muslims to seek power through demographics and eventually gain dominance over the host country, which then becomes Islamic. There are many examples of this, and when you listen to the ideologues and militants (i.e. those who lead and control Muslim communities in Britain), it is clear that their thinking has changed little in several centuries.

What's an 'Islamist'?

One of the ideologues and militants above who believes that Islam should dictate every aspect of life, personal, social and political.

What is sharia law?

Sharia law is the Islamic legal system, which in many respects is incompatible with western freedoms and democracy. See for example Sharia versus Freedom by Andrew G. Bostom.

What's your position on Europe?

We want out of the European Union at the first opportunity, to restore sovereignty to Britain.

How can I join Liberty GB and how much does it cost?

The easiest way is to join online. It costs £10 per year for Standard membership, £5 for Senior (over 65), £20 for overseas and £50 for lifetime membership (UK or overseas).

What else can I do to support the party?

  1. You can make a donation to help with running costs, campaigning and election expenses.
  2. Help with the running of the party (tell us about your skills and experience).
  3. Become a local party organiser (contact us for further information).