On the 5th October 2015, a documentary entitled Is Britain Racist? aired on BBC Three. I featured on the documentary, which was initially proposed to me as a documentary "exploring British culture". Of course, it was nothing of the sort.

Most Americans want to be good stewards of our resources. But most Americans are unaware of the agenda behind the 'Go Green' mindset. If we were conscious of the infected minds and ideology behind this movement, we would run for the hills.

Western civilization, with a Judeo-Christian foundation, has attempted to rid society of its movement toward harming the weak in our culture. The more fractures we have inflicted upon that foundation, the more victims have fallen through the cracks. And the children are the greatest victim group of all.

Most of us infidels in the West have been lied to. Trusting the education system, foolishly, we believed all the bunk bundled into our textbooks concerning the period in history (1096-1272 AD) when the Crusades took place. They left out an itty-bitty piece of info ... this will be great for all your 'enlightened' friends ...