On Sunday 13th December 2015, the second round of the French regional elections took place. Despite a very strong showing in the first round, the Front National, led by Marine Le Pen, tripled its number of seats but failed to win a single region. The election is yet another example of how democracy is being gradually crushed in the West.

In case you're wondering, no, I haven't retrained as a pimp. And even if I had, the supply of virgins this side of kindergarten is so scarce that the price would be considerably higher than €49.50.

Suppose for the sake of argument that back in 2003 the US powers-that-be, with their British counterparts in tow, did some soul-searching and set themselves ten long-term goals.

Goal 1: Removing or at least destabilising every Middle Eastern government that has a sporting chance of keeping the region under control.