Suppose for the sake of argument that back in 2003 the US powers-that-be, with their British counterparts in tow, did some soul-searching and set themselves ten long-term goals.

Goal 1: Removing or at least destabilising every Middle Eastern government that has a sporting chance of keeping the region under control.

One might not think so, but the history of socialism is much more disgusting than that of its Nazi offspring; yet, like a brutal Venus rising, it has managed to ascend and even compound the abhorrence normally reserved for National Socialism. This is, in itself, a fantastic achievement, and only now maybe is communism coming out of its shadowy closet, as Jeremy Corbyn is openly elected Labour party leader, and Pope Francis too is showing his blood-red underskirts. As for Obama ...

The present attempts of migrants from around the Mediterranean and beyond to effectively invade Europe have brought the long simmering immigration threat to a head. First world politicians can no longer pretend it is under any sort of control.

No Red Crescent? No welcoming arms from neighbouring Saudi Arabia, Qatar or the UAE? Oh come on then, let's set sail from the safe shores of Turkey for a bankrupt Greek country in an inflatable boat that's carrying four times what it's supposed to despite the continuous warnings not to do so. I know no one is shooting at us but Greek beaches look a bit posher than Turkish beaches and it's the EU after all. Hand me my baby, it's worth the risk.

The Sweden Democrats, who are critical of mass immigration, on August 20, 2015 for the first time were polled as Sweden's largest political party, with 25.2 percent support. This put them just ahead of the Social Democrats, who have been the country's largest political party for generations.