Analogies are a great tool to turn events / issues into understanding. They're used every day to bring clarity to issues. The possibilities are interminable (metropolis : necropolis :: condominium : cemetery, etc.). The analogy functions both as a focus and a catalyst for the transformation of event into experience.

And, in helping to correct the disinformation campaign concerning Islam: knowledge is not simply power ... it's survival!

Diversity springing from the multi-culture of care, share and be aware is now sitting atop the totem pole of our neo-pagan modernity. We are told to respect all cultures and customs equally because they are all equally respectable.

How should the West react to Muslim terrorism? In principle it should be simple. There is no need for gratuitous abuse, no need for laboured reasons why Islam is this or that. All that needs to be recognised is that Islam is incompatible with liberal democracy because in its moral choices it is a belief system which runs directly counter to liberal democracy and has as its end game the subjugation of the entire world.

Last Thursday 30 April I spoke at an election hustings hosted by the Honor Oak pub in London SE23. Organised by the 38 Degrees campaigning organisation, the event attracted a good turnout – though overwhelmingly of left-wing teachers, social workers and other self-righteous socialists.

During this general election campaign, Liberty GB candidates in Luton, Birmingham and Lewisham have been excluded from at least three hustings events, and a further three events have been cancelled due to anonymous objections to our participation.

Below is the latest shameful cancellation, from the Forest Hill Society and Sydenham Society, and below that, my response to them.

George Whale, Liberty GB