The Reverend Giles Goddard, vicar at St John's in Waterloo, came into some unfair criticism for holding an 'inclusive mosque' service at his church, at the end of which he invited the congregation to praise "the god that we love, Allah".

The year, 1940. An announcement from the ruling elite.

Greetings serfs! We would like to unveil our new plan to placate and integrate the Nazis. Remember, they're better than us and we can learn from them. We will be sending billions in foreign aid to the Nazis, because lifting your enemy out of poverty is the best way to win a war. Admittedly, no previous war has ever been won that way, but at least our enemy will like us, which is the important thing.

Another exclusive report by Liberty GB's Jack Buckby from the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington DC, USA.


After a refreshing CPAC that included countless references to fundamentalist Islam, it was interesting to hear that a Muslim would be speaking on the main stage in the Potomac Ballroom - the stage dedicated to the major politicians and potential presidential candidates.

Western politicians have got themselves into a bit of a pickle over the violent rise of Islam both globally and within the once Christian West. Just as it would be difficult for a scientist to conduct experiments related to oil and water without first accepting the fact that They Just Don't Mix, so it becomes similarly difficult for politicians to talk rationally about the predictable outcome of trying to mix together monocultural Islam and multicultural nothingness - without succumbing to some form of inevitable mental breakdown.

You like reconciliation. I like reconciliation. All God's children like reconciliation. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II definitely likes reconciliation, for she made it the theme of her traditional Christmas speech.