Dear Mr Emerson,

We at Liberty GB watched with amazement earlier this year when you were hauled over the coals by the media simply for stating that London and Birmingham are heavily Islamised. We understand that they forced you to apologise for your words but, as a UK organisation with members living in both cities, we can affirm the substantial truth of your comments.

I'm convinced that David Cameron is channeling Neville Chamberlain. To refresh your memory, Chamberlain was an appeaser, he was a (and I hesitate to use this word) man who tried to compromise Britain's values to none other than Hitler. Our current government is doing the same thing Chamberlain tried in World War II - constant appeasement no matter what the cost - but towards Muslims and on a grander scale.

I prefer my own race, my own culture and my own nation. I wish to preserve my own race, my own culture and my own nation. This does not mean that I therefore by default must hate people of a different race, culture and nation.

When Enoch Powell made his Rivers of Blood speech on April 20 1968 he was 56 years old. No one was willing to take a stand as principled as his against immigration at the time. In the week of his Birmingham address he confided to Glen Jones, a local newspaper editor: "When the rocket goes up in the sky the stars are going to stay up in the firmament." Powell believed immigration would change neighbourhoods forever, that children would be unable to attain school places. In many ways he correctly predicted the dispossession white Britons would face - though Rivers of Blood failed to point out where white Britons would get on positively with ethnic minorities.

Imagine a country where the Prime Minister announces that new elections are needed, just a few months after the previous general elections were held. Then suddenly, the PM changes his mind a couple of weeks later and states that no new elections are needed, after all.

At the English Defence League rally in Luton on 22nd November, Paul Weston, Liberty GB Chairman, announced that he is to stand in Luton South at the 2015 General Election. At the end of his speech, in which he slammed David Cameron as a traitor to the British people, Paul gave warning that "Luton ain't heard the last of me yet!"

Goodbye to my England, so long my old friend, Your days are numbered, being brought to an end. To be Scottish, Irish or Welsh, that's fine, But don't say you're English, that's way out of line.