I have a question for anyone who wishes to answer, and that is, how much sympathy should I as a white British male feel for myself? I mean, the victimhood mentality is absolutely rampant in our culture. Feminists, Muslims, Africans, gays, people living on welfare, they are all cast as victims. They don't need to take any responsibility for themselves or anything about their own lives they don't like. The comedian Billy Connelly notes: "The only species in the world it is acceptable to be cruel to is the white middle class male."

Emma West was arrested in November 2011 after she protested about immigration whilst travelling on a Croydon tram. Her protest was captured on video and uploaded to YouTube as well as being copied by many national media outlets. The video was viewed millions of times.

National identity usually assumes four things: the same broad historical experience, a sense of belonging, the same language and more or less the manifestation of shared national characteristics, though in the latter there is no absolute.

I see that a new report by Civitas [download pdf here] has concluded that mass immigration could lead to housing shortages, failing hospitals, overcrowded classrooms, and even water shortages in some areas. It makes one wonder just how many hours of dedicated research, heated discussion and deep contemplation were required to reach such profound conclusions, but I have little doubt that those participating were well rewarded for their efforts.


David Abbott's book, Dark Albion, documents the cultural destruction caused by mass immigration. In this excerpt, he calls for the English to defend their birthright with righteous rage.


This week America's First Lady, Michelle Obama, joined the ever growing #Bring Back Our Girls campaign that aims to rescue kidnapped Nigerian girls. The culturist instinct is to say 'NO!' to intervention in any part of the world that isn't western. But, this is somewhat dependent on to whom the 'our' in #Bring Back Our Girls refers.

As Britain hits the top of the league this month, proudly beating Germany by importing more Ferrari sports cars than any other country, millions of unemployed have already lost in the clamor for low paid jobs. Many disabled and infirm too will never earn a living and the British government is forgetting at its peril that these people are human beings who deserve the minimum: food, warmth and shelter.