The humor in Alice in Wonderland comes from her being unfailingly polite no matter what the situation. A somewhat hostile giant caterpillar on a mushroom? A surly talking egg? Oh, Dear! But, we mustn't forget our well-worn Victorian manners.

Multiculturalists will tell you that we need to import as many immigrants as we possibly can in order to receive the full 'benefits' of immigration. There is a vitally important point here that they are missing: the best parts of any culture don't need to be forced into a country. The best that any culture has to offer is usually readily accepted by other countries without any immigration involved.

Political Scrapbook, which amusingly describes itself as "Britain's leading left-wing blog" is deliriously happy about Jonathan Portes's Twitter attack on Tommy Robinson, where Portes tries desperately to associate Tommy with anti-Semitism. As is the usual case with these dreadful leftists, truth, facts and reality are not allowed to stand in the way of untruths, fantasy and propaganda.

People ask me, "What is wrong with multiculturalism?" Believe it or not, mathematics provides the easiest way to explain the danger.