The most problematic of all public provision is what to do about the old. The value of actuarial calculations – the statistical analysis of risk based on instances of the risk occurring – made sense for pension calculations when life spans from generation to generation were fairly stable. Because of our ever increasing ability to cure and prevent disease and to provide a more materially certain livelihood for the majority, life expectancy in the future is no longer easily predicted.

The Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV) has recently released the English translation of its report, Violence Against Women in Islam. The 15-page document catalogues the indignities, abuses and acts of violence routinely perpetrated against women in the Muslim world, and makes sobering reading.

Here is the Introduction by PVV Chairman Geert Wilders and MP J. J. van Klaveren.

Within the next few weeks (date to be confirmed) Liberty GB will be holding its very first public meeting in the London Borough of Croydon. Members, supporters, local people, friends and families are all invited to this historic event, which will combine speeches by party leader Paul Weston and others with a chance to meet, socialise and share a drink with party organisers and supporters. Welcome!

The ex-minister Chris Huhne and his erstwhile wife Vikky Pryce were sentenced to eight months imprisonment for perverting the course of justice. No, hang on, they have really been sentenced to probably two, possibly three months inside with perhaps a month or two with a tag and a curfew. This fudging of reality is undermining the English justice system.