Most of humanity is ignorant of Islamic scripture such as the Quran and

I am not the socialist, peace-loving, pot-smoking hippy type and I have never voted for a political ideology left of the Conservative Party. I certainly would not consider my political views to be aligned to the Corbynistas.

One thing is for certain: Islam has produced some of history's most cowardly men. From its founder Mohammed to Osama bin Laden to the dregs that fill the ranks of Hamas, ISIS, Boko Haram and Hezbollah - these craven thugs have used women and children as human shields (not to mention sex slaves) absent an ounce of compunction.

To heck with Muslim [demands for] sensitivity, since they have none. Muslims dance in the streets at the killing of Jews, Christians and others. They gather to watch women get stoned to death, and gays thrown from rooftops, cheering wildly as death overcomes the victims. They accept the mutilation of girls by FGM, child marriages, honour killings of daughters, sisters and wives, polygamy, spousal abuse, denial of equal rights for women, denial of opportunities for education and full participation in society. They condone the virtual enslavement of women to their homes and deem them to be little better than chattel. They cover them in sacks to 'protect their honour' and from exciting dysfunctional Muslim men. Islam considers women mentally deficient and the chief occupants of hell.

Several months ago the utter depravity and vileness of Islam was further punctuated when Kurdish fighters discovered photos of a baby girl being beheaded on a cell phone taken from a dead ISIS operative. The photos, without question, are among the most disturbing images recorded since the Islamic State launched its rampage across Syria and Iraq.