April 4th 'Reclaim Australia' rallies were held in 16 different Australian cities and regions. These rallies specifically focused on the creeping Islamification of their great western nation. The rally in Melbourne had over 3,000 in attendance! There and in other locations, violent 'No Room for Racism' thugs attacked them. But, make no mistake, Australia is fighting back!


Pause for Thought, with Shelina Janmohamed

I simply love the way EastEnders expresses some of the conundrums of contemporary life. They're certainly not afraid to tackle some difficult issues, are they? And we Muslims, too, mustn't be afraid to confront the difficult issues of diversity and community cohesion, as Muhammad himself says in the Koran.

Back in 2005 an Al Qaeda commander, interviewed by Der Spiegel, set out the timetable for imposing Islamic rule on the West by force. There are seven phases, of which four are already behind us: we are now in phase 5: "2013-2015 ... Declaration of the Caliphate". This leaves:


David Abbott's book, Dark Albion, documents the cultural destruction caused by mass immigration, and how working class areas of British cities (particularly his own native London) have borne the brunt of it. In this third excerpt from the book, he examines Islamic ignorance and deceit, and the need to deploy against them our most powerful weapon – truth.

When Muslim men are killed in holy war, or jihad, their souls are immediately whisked off – so the Islamic theologians say – to a heavenly whorehouse wherein await 72 eager virgins, procured (presumably) by celestial pimp Allah. Which may explain why Muslim suicide bombers are usually beardy young men unable to get laid here on earth.