A supposed ally of Great Britain and the United States, the Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia started the New Year of 2016 in traditional style by executing forty seven people. Most of them were executed for committing terror attacks within the kingdom. Among those executed was a Shia cleric, Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, an outspoken critic of the Sunni, Saudi regime. The 'guilty' victims faced death by firing squad or beheading although as yet, no Western leader has asserted that the Saudis pervert and distort the true, peaceful meaning of Islam as is the case with Islamic State.


Ignorant leaders in the West - out of faux white guilt or just plain appeasement - are on a suicide mission of planting potential terrorists into their counties. Guided by the UN, the EU and the current US administration are (in a despotic fashion) forcing unvetted Syrian migrants onto their people. We've seen the disastrous result of these feckless and pernicious actions in such tragic events as the Paris attacks (and numerous other incidents that have been thwarted).