It's very decent of Fabian Society Labour Party supporters and think-tankers to acknowledge the reality of mass immigration and even the concerns of a very large number of voters. Andrew Harrop (the General Secretary of the Fabian Society), for example, comes clean and says that once upon a time (though not now?) "people sensed that talk about migration was 'off-limits'". He even even has the decency to say that Labour MPs may now give voters "'permission' to raise their concerns about migration".

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls has announced that he is going to reintroduce the 50p tax rate for people who earn over £150k per year, and that he will lower taxes for 24 million lower-paid workers. This, he says, will help to reduce the deficit in a fairer way by making "those with the broadest shoulders" bear a "fairer share of the burden".

In the following article Paul Austin Murphy argues that, even when minorities are racist, it is always wrong to respond in like fashion. He believes that race is irrelevant to the present analysis of Britain's problems, that what matters overwhelmingly is culture, specifically cultural clashes as exemplified by Islamic versus Western culture.

A couple of weeks ago Mehdi Hasan (above) – who seems to be the only spokesman Muslims and Islam have in the UK (apart from the BBC's very own 'Mo' Ansar) – wrote an article for The Huffington Post in which he said that the British writer and conservative, Douglas Murray, "tried to smear" him. Fourteen words later Mehdi Hasan attempts to smear Douglas Murray with the word "neocon"! (I'm not saying that saying someone is a neocon is a smear. I'm saying that Hasan takes it to be a smear and hopes his readers do too.)